Healthy Eating Tips


While there is a ton of emphasis on exercising to stay fit you should not overlook your eating habits either. Healthy eating is just about one of the most important things you can do if you want to stay healthy and avoid illnesses. In fact, if you were to talk to an expert, they will tell you that a combination of exercise and eating correctly are the two best things you can do for your body.

There’s a common example of this, which you may have already heard:

You would never think about putting the wrong type of gas into your car. You know that you won’t get too far before you run into a slew of problems.

This exact way of thinking is what you need to apply to your own body. Only put in foods that will fuel your body and provide you with strength and energy to live life to the fullest.

Actually, most people do know what the right kinds of foods are. They also admit that they should lose weight and get more exercise if they are overweight. It just seems so hard to put these actions into place for some reason. It is so much easier to avoid going to an exercise class or to grab fast food instead of cooking your own meals at home.

But, you need to think of the consequences and the long-term effects this will have on your body, and on your life. Do you want to risk developing diabetes or having a heart attack at an early age?

Let’s compare some food choices:

What is healthier? Having a couple of doughnuts for breakfast or sitting down to a bowl of oatmeal and fresh fruit? This one seems quite obvious.

Which of these is a better option?

A salad with fat-free dressing or natural peanut butter on a slice of whole grain bread?

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Before making your choice you need to keep in mind what you are planning on eating for the rest of the day.

Your body requires good fats so the natural peanut butter is not that bad of a choice. It also contains protein, which will give you energy. The bread is a carbohydrate which will help to fill you up. This is a good choice if you are going to be active for the rest of the day.

On the other hand, if you are planning a higher fat dinner and will be sitting in the office for the afternoon – the salad may be a better choice for you.

By thinking and planning ahead there is no reason why you cannot have a few foods that you might consider a treat, such as the peanut butter. If you balance out your meals to include healthy fats, lean proteins and lots of fruits and veggies you will be on the right track to eating a healthy diet.

Now let’s talk about exercise. It is important to exercise for many reasons. First, it helps to keep your joints and limbs moving. As you age, or if you sit all day, you will notice that your joints become stiff. Over time your range of motion will steadily decline and you will have trouble doing simple, everyday tasks. Of course, exercising helps your body burn off calories and keeps your weight within a healthy range.

If you do eat a higher fat meal then plan on exercising a little more the next day to counteract the calories and avoid gaining a pound or two. Remember too that the more active you are the more calories you can eat. If you sit all day, you won’t require as many calories.

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As you can see it is not that complicated to make healthy food choices. Stick to natural foods as much as possible, avoid fast foods and pre-packaged ones. Instead choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and lean cuts of protein. Make a point of reading the ingredient list and not buying any foods that have labels with items you cannot read.

It’s never too late to improve your lifestyle. Begin today by making a commitment to eat healthily and increase your activity level.

The Health Benefits of Tea
Have you noticed lately that drinking tea is becoming very popular? Many health sites
are promoting the benefits of drinking more tea and less coffee. Tea is a
wonderful drink. It tastes great, there are lots of varieties available and many cultures
have been drinking tea for centuries. Just look at how much tea people in
countries such as China, Japan, India and Europe drink. This trend is now spilling
over into North America like crazy.


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Green tea has been around for a very long time and is one of the best teas that you
can drink for your health. It is known for helping your body eliminate free radicals,
it’s great for weight loss and contains anti-aging properties.

Most of the health benefits of tea come from EGCG, [Epigallocatechin Gallate]
which is a very powerful and natural antioxidant. As you know antioxidants work
to remove all kinds of harmful radicals from your body. Those which can damage
your cells, cause cancer and reduce your lifespan. Free radicals are also
connected to the aging process which is why it can be slowed down by drinking
Green tea. Another benefit of EGCG is that it helps to speed up your metabolism
so that it is easier for you to lose weight. Plus drinking lots of green tea just makes
you feel better overall.


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Green tea does contain caffeine, but not as much as coffee does. It also contains
an important amino acid L-theanine, which is able to cross the blood-brain
barrier. This is important as L-theanine helps to increase activities in your brain
which help to reduce anxiety. So drinking more green tea when you are feeling
stressed out is a good thing.

All tea comes from the same plants – green, black and Oolong teas. The
difference between black and green tea is the process that it goes through. Green
tea does not go through a fermentation process – this process removes the EGCG
– which is why it retains its health benefits.

Green tea can also help you fight tooth decay, fight off all kinds of bacteria and
infections. Studies have shown that green tea is great for repairing your immune
system and helps with preventing heart disease and other illnesses. It can be
helpful at reducing your chances of developing breast and/or prostate cancer. The
studies that were conducted looked at Japanese people who drank at least 5 cups
of green tea per day.


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The benefits of drinking black tea include helping you to reduce bad cholesterol
and to healing your blood cells. Plus it helps to keep your heart healthy.
The major difference between green and black tea is the amount of antioxidants
it contains. Green tea is highest on the list, with black and Oolong teas coming in

If you don’t like the taste of green tea you may want to try a variety that includes
some mint in it. Always look for teas that are natural and contain no hidden
chemicals. It really is worth your while, and your health, to drink several cups of
green tea each day. Try switching it out for your morning coffee. You may not
miss it as much as you think and you might realize that you just want something
warm to drink each morning.

Remember that the health benefits of tea are numerous and it is definitely
something that you should be including in your diet regularly.


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Zumba for the Beginner

Zumba is a widely popular workout program that incorporates Latin dance rhythms to provide you with an exciting workout experience. The movements in Zumba are easy to follow and classes are specially designed to accommodate beginners and those more advanced.

If you have never tried Zumba classes then start with a Zumba basic class. This will allow you to become familiar with the various songs, the rhythms and the moves of Zumba. Some basic classes will have you practicing without using any music. This way you can really understand the principal movements first. Then once the music is turned on you will see that you can move to the music more easily.

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If you find the basic level of Zumba too hard or awkward to do then you can try taking a Zumba Gold class. This level is designed for the true beginner and for those individuals whose skills are lacking because of inadequate strength and flexibility.

In fact, Zumba Gold is perfect for senior citizens and many who have participated have enjoyed seeing their strength levels and balance return.

Zumba is very easy to follow and can be a more relaxed or more intense workout. This all depends on how hard you wish to dance. The actual Zumba movements are very fluid and this combined with the Latin music allows people to really enjoy their dancing session. Many people report finding a Zumba class more fulfilling than a traditional aerobics class.

As a beginner, you only need to attend class two to three times a week. Most Zumba classes will last for an hour and you can easily burn lots of calories during this time. As well Zumba classes are a wonderful way to socialize and learn more about the origins of the music and the history of the dances.

All you need to get started with Zumba is some comfortable shoes and loose clothing. It is highly recommended to drink some water before and during the class. Many fitness clubs will allow you to take a Zumba class for free before signing up for a long term commitment.

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When looking for Zumba classes look for a location where they have several levels. This way if you progress faster than you expected you can move up into a more advanced class. Or you can simply dance at a more intense level to derive even more benefits from your workout.

The Link Between Anxiety and Insomnia

Were you aware that there is a very common link between anxiety and insomnia? So much so that the two can lead you in a never ending cycle. Research has shown that treating insomnia is an effective way of dealing with those feelings of anxiety.

Chronic insomnia is more rampant than you may realize, it actually affects 10 percent of adults in the U.S. alone. Chronic insomnia is characterized by having sleep issues for one month or more. This includes not being able to fall asleep, stay asleep or just feeling that overall your quality of sleep is suffering.

If you think you may be dealing with chronic insomnia it is important to visit your doctor first. It is possible that this could be an underlying sign of another health issue. Heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, menopause, arthritis or epilepsy could all be a cause of any sleep problems.

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Many times any form of insomnia can be caused by another issue. For example, if you are feeling anxious or depressed you may not be sleeping well. If you take steps to treat your anxiety or depression this can ultimately help with your insomnia issues.

Certain foods can contribute to both anxiety and insomnia. Alcohol and caffeine are known to be the two biggest culprits. Try to avoid foods such as tea, coffee, soft drink and chocolate. If you are taking any medications, look to see if they contain caffeine, unfortunately, many do.

If you currently smoke and are dealing with anxiety and/or insomnia then you may want to consider quitting. Did you know that nicotine only acts to increase your blood pressure? Which in turn increases your heart rate and stimulates your brain. Then you wonder why you can’t get a good night’s sleep!

You may find that drinking a glass or two of wine before bed will help you sleep. It does help you fall asleep, but your sleep will not last long and you will wake up feeling tired and groggy. You’ll be lucky to even get back to sleep at all.

If you are looking for foods that will help you sleep then choose those that contain calcium, B vitamins and magnesium.

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety and insomnia is by starting some type of exercise routine. A 20-minute daily walk can do wonders for your health, and help induce sleep at night time. Avoid exercising too close to bed time, as this can stimulate your brain and body. Start out by walking 2 or 3 times each week.

Another cause of your insomnia could be your bedroom! Keep your room as dark as possible and free from any noise such as the light from the television or an outside street light.  If you happen to live on a busy street you might want to try wearing a sleep mask at night. Also, check the temperature of your room. You don’t want to be too warm. Some people find it helpful to sleep with their window open a little, when possible.

Trying not to get anxious or stressed out over not sleeping is not easy. The more you fret and worry the worse your insomnia becomes, it truly is a vicious cycle.

You may want to get into the habit of trying some calming routines before bed. Taking a warm bubble bath filled with lavender. Drinking an herbal tea. Listening to some relaxing music or even reading can all help induce sleep.

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Start to condition your mind that you are tired and that you will fall asleep. It will be difficult at first but try to always keep a positive mindset and not a negative one. Look forward to sleep – maybe even treat yourself to a new pillow and comforter.

You might even try Doctor Recommended supplement: Deep Sleep Support

Start Slow And Easy With An Exercise Plan


You know you need to start getting in better shape, but maybe it’s been awhile. Maybe you’ve gained more weight than you intended. Maybe the thought of doing a huge workout scares you silly. Stop thinking that way. You can get back on track if you just start slow and easy. No one is expecting you to run a marathon by next weekend. If you’re expecting that from yourself, you need to stop that. You need to start thinking of a long-term plan instead of a quick fix.

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If you can start with a five-minute walk, do that. Depending on where you live, you may be able to walk down your neighborhood street. If you live in the city, you can walk down the sidewalk. The thing to do is, set a timer on your phone for two and a half minutes. Start walking. When the timer goes off, turn around and head back home. It may seem silly and you may feel like you didn’t get very far, but over time, you will add minutes and distance. This will gradually build up and before you know it, you’ll be walking around the block. Every few weeks you may be walking an extra block.


It doesn’t matter if it takes several weeks or maybe even a couple of months to build up to a thirty-minute walk each day. The fact is, you’re taking your health seriously and you’re making small adjustments every day that will add up and give you great benefits. By this time next year, you could be walking for an hour or more each day, all because you decided to simply start with five minutes and gradually add to it.

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Here’s a simple way to add time each week. For the first week, take a five-minute walk everyday. Each week add two more minutes to your time.


Week One – 5 minutes

Week Two – 7 minutes

Week Three – 9 minutes

Week Four – 11 minutes


After four weeks, you can start adding five minutes each week.


Week Five – 15 minutes

Week Six – 20 minutes

Week Seven – 25 minutes

Week Eight – 30 minutes


See, within two months you’ve already made it to half an hour per day. From there, you can keep adding time to your walk or you can decide to start adding an extra walk each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The second walk doesn’t have to be half an hour long, you can start with ten or fifteen minutes and gradually add onto it like you did in the beginning.


Focus on the health benefits and how much better you’re going to feel once you build some momentum. In the beginning, that five-minute walk may seem like torture. Don’t give up! If three minutes is all you can start doing, then do it. You didn’t get out of shape in two weeks and you’re not going to get back in shape in two weeks either. Simply set your mind to start doing this and to keep doing it for the rest of your life.

Making Good Carb Choices – Eat Your Veggies


Low carb diets have been around for a very long time. Some people have success with them, while others tend to cave in and go back to eating carbs. And there’s even some that this eating plan doesn’t work for at all.


However, when it comes to any diet, whether it’s a new fad diet or new diet trend, the best possible eating plan is a lifestyle eating plan.


Your diet should contain protein, carbohydrates, and fats. One of the main key points is to figure out which combination your body works with the best. The truth is, you can’t cut out either of those necessary components completely and expect to have good health. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle and bone. Carbohydrates are your main energy source and fats help regulate and fuel a whole lot of things.


Carbohydrates are one area that people definitely need to control. Cutting out processed carbs will help you over the long haul. You’ll feel better and be in better control of your weight management.


Processed carbs consist of baked goods like cookies, cakes, donuts, etc. It can also be in fried snacks like potato chips and corn chips. Cutting these snacks from your diet will help greatly. That doesn’t mean you have to cut carbs out completely. There are still many choices for you. They come from the garden and not from a processing plant.


Corn and potatoes are two natural carbs. You should limit your intake of these, especially if you have diabetes or are prone to diabetes from your family history. These carbs digest fast and turn into sugar quickly, which can overload your system.

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Beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds also contain carbohydrates, but they are more along the lines of whole foods, which means they contain amounts of protein, carbs, and fats. You should not go on a binge with these items either, but the carbs in these foods digest slower and can help regulate your blood sugar levels better.

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Fruits also contain carbs and natural sugar, but they are a better choice than processed foods. Anytime you can eat whole foods, instead of foods that have gone through some kind of processing, you’re going to be better off.


Skip the pasta, bread and other junky foods and choose to eat as fresh from nature as you can. Your body will thank you. You’ll feel better, start to gain your energy back and eventually, the brain fog will clear.


Decide you’re going to eat the way nature intended and take charge of your health and eating habits. This should be a lifelong change and not some quick fix to lose weight. We all know that fad diets only last so long and too many people return to their old eating habits. By making permanent changes in your diet, you’ll not only lose weight but be able to manage your weight for the rest of your life.


Make better choices and enjoy your veggies.

Getting Clear About Why You Want to Lose Weight


So often in the business world or in general goal setting, you hear people talk about getting clear about what you want. You can’t really reach a goal until you know what that goal is. Plus, if you don’t have a goal or destination, how will you know when you get there?

Well, the same can be said of why you want to lose weight. Is your reason strong enough? Are you clear about your why?

Anyone who wants to lose weight will have a reason behind it. It could be for physical reasons, so it’ll be easier to move around. It could be for vanity reasons so you’ll look better in your clothes. Or it could be for health reasons. Whatever the reason you want to lose weight, you need to get clear about it. You need to instill those thoughts into your daily thinking. Get passionate about it. If you don’t keep it at the forefront of your mind, it’s likely you’ll just forget about it. If you don’t have some passion and determination behind your goals, it’s likely you will give up before you reach them.

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Here are some questions to ask yourself for determining a strong why:


What will it feel like if you reach your goal?

What will it feel like if you give up?

Which feeling do you like better?

Will reaching this goal make you feel better mentally and physically?


Do you have big plans for when you reach this goal? If not, start making big plans so you have an added bonus when you reach your weight loss goal.

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Will losing weight help you live longer?

Will it help control some medical condition?

If you don’t lose weight how low will your quality of life be? And how much shorter will your life span be?


Aren’t feeling better and extending your life worth your efforts?


How will it feel when you fit in your smaller jeans and shirts?

How will you feel if you don’t get back into smaller clothes?

Which of those feelings do you like better?


Remember, no matter what goal you want to achieve in life, whether it’s with weight loss or some other goal, it’s well worth getting a strong why and a strong determination to reach it.

Get a support group if you need to. Give yourself daily pep-talks. Write down your “why” and post it all over your house.


Get behind your reason why remind yourself of it several times each day and you’ll see results quicker.


High Fat & Healthy – Great Keto Snacks

If you’re not familiar with the Keto diet plan, you may think that foods having a high-fat content can’t be healthy. If you are familiar with the Keto plan, you know that high-fat foods can be healthy, delicious and make great snacks. And, by eating snacks that are full of healthy fats, you actually stay satisfied longer and don’t have the urge to keep eating or to binge eat.


Before we get into the healthy fat snacks, let’s go ahead and debunk a myth that’s been going around for decades. Fat does not make you fat. Think about it, there are tons upon tons of fat-free products on the market. If low or zero fats were the answer, more people would be thin and fewer people would be obese. Unfortunately, the problem with obesity is at an all time high, even after twenty years of low-fat foods being readily available.


On the other end of this myth is all the processed, high carb foods that fill our grocery stores and our kitchen cabinets. Not only are they readily available, but they are generally inexpensive which allows you to purchase a lot more of these items. The thing with these high carb snacks is, they never satisfy you. You can eat a bag of chips and within an hour you’re starving again and grab another bag of chips or another high carb snack. This leads to overeating and consuming too many calories. That’s what causes people to become fat. Too many calories that aren’t being used up as food and getting stored as fat on the body.


With the Keto plan, you aren’t as worried about calorie consumption, but you still need to make sure you aren’t consuming all the calories you want. By keeping your carb intake low, this helps reduce calories. By eating healthy fats, you feel full longer and this also leads to a natural calorie balance over time.


So let’s get to those snacks already.


Pork skins – Pork skins come in several flavors and make a great zero carb snack. If you smear a little cream cheese on them, that not only adds flavor but also some more healthy fat to your diet. Another great thing about pork skins is they can be crushed and used for a breading on chicken strips or chicken fried steak. The texture is a little different than what you’ve grown used to over the years, but it is good. Once you get used to it, you won’t want to go back to high carb breading.


Nuts – Nuts are a great high fat snack. They are a bit high in calories too, so you’ll want to stick to a serving size, but being high fat and good for you, they will be more satisfying than a bag of chips.

Nuts, Peanut, Roasted, Cores, Snack


Avocado chocolate pudding – This is really simple to make and also helps curb those sweet cravings. Simply mash up a ripe avocado until it’s creamy, add in some cocoa powder, vanilla flavoring and a bit of stevia or other Keto approved sweetener. Mix it all together and chill. With this treat, you get healthy fats and a sweet treat.


String cheese – This is another great high fat, low carb snack you can enjoy. The great thing about this snack is how portable it is. It can also be enjoyed with a bag of nuts for a truly satisfying snack idea. These items are light enough to throw in your backpack for a day of hiking or other outdoor fun.


Nut butter (such as Almond Butter) – This is another great high fat, healthy treat. They do contain some sugar unless you get the completely natural varieties, but they also help curb your sweet tooth and they’re better for you than high sugar, carb loaded candy bars.

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These are just a few healthy fat, low carb snacks, but they are all great for on the go. Avocados can be eaten alone, so if you’re out doing fun things with your family, you can just peel and eat without making chocolate pudding out of them.


Items like nuts and string cheese can be purchased in most convenient stores too, so there’s no need to go off your eating plan just because you’re traveling or away from home.

Cutting Processed Carbs and Foods From Your Diet


We all know we need to eat healthier and make better food choices, but it’s so difficult. You’re probably strained for time to fix healthy meals after working all day or tending to kids. It’s super easy to grab a boxed meal or a boxed side dish and prepare that, right?

It may be easy, but it’s not exactly the healthiest choice.

In today’s world, it can be difficult to not only make better food choices but to distinguish what’s actually good for you and what isn’t.

Let’s look at an all time favorite, macaroni and cheese. It’s a staple in many homes because it’s quick, easy and kids love it. However, the varieties of powdered cheeses are full of additives and chemicals. So maybe you decide to try a healthier version. You buy plain pasta and a cheese sauce that’s in a jar or package. This is probably a better choice, but it’s still not a completely healthy choice. The healthiest choice is to use your own shredded cheese on the pasta. It may not melt as well or be as creamy, but time wise, it really doesn’t take much more effort to make a dish of mac and cheese this way.

However, if your kids have to have a creamy style, at least purchase the ones that come with an actual cheese sauce instead of a powdered mix.



Other high carb foods that are easy to grab and snack on are cookies, cakes, and chips. These are full of carbs and preservatives. Better choices for snack foods are fresh fruits, air-popped popcorn, and fruit popsicles. You can even go a step healthier and make your own popsicles using 100% fruit juices that have no added sugar. You can also add bits of fruit for an extra treat inside. Or, you can freeze grapes to use as ‘ice cubes’ in your kid’s juice. Once they drink the juice, they have an extra treat that’s thawed just a bit and can be eaten.


It can be hard to get away from processed foods, but once you learn a few tricks, it can be easier and a lot better on your health. Eating more natural foods will help you to feel better and give you more energy. This, in turn, can give you an extra boost to search for even more natural ways to cut out processed carbs and foods. Plus, having more energy may lead to you wanting to make more foods from scratch instead of buying boxed mixes.

Yes, using fresh, natural ingredients can be more expensive on your grocery bill, but once your body adjusts to healthier foods, you may find that cravings have stopped and you actually consume less food and feel better about your health and the health of your family.

Increase Your Focus for Better Productivity Part 3

Exercises to Improve Focus

When TV newscaster Diane Sawyer was asked the secret to her success, she said, “I think the one lesson I’ve learned is there is no substitute for paying attention.”

Did you know that improving your focus can be done with different types of simple exercises? It’s true. Something as simple as getting exercise on a daily basis can improve your brain function, which leads to better focus. Most of the time, focus exercises take less than ten minutes to do.

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Check out these to get you started:

  • (Check out the 8 ways to make your brain smarter at
  • Trade your caffeine for cardio. Caffeine gives you a boost, which makes it easier to concentrate. But you might find it harder to focus when you’re not buzzed. A better way to keep your mind stimulated is with physical exercise. Exercise triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that affects our learning and memory, which in the end are what help us focus.
  • Drink more water. Mild dehydration can lead to distraction. Being even as little as 2 percent dehydrated can affect your ability to concentrate on cognitive activities.
  • Get plenty of shut-eye. Getting at least seven hours of good quality sleep each night helps your body and mind rejuvenate and leads to better concentration and focus during the day.


Here are some Concentration exercises taken from the Success Consciousness website. (

Exercise 1

Count the words in any paragraph from a book. Count them again. Repeat until it’s easy.

Now count the words in two paragraphs. Repeat until it becomes easy.

Finally, count all the words on the page. Count mentally and with your eyes only. Don’t use your finger to point to each word.

Exercise 2

Count from one hundred backwards to one.

Exercise 3

Count backwards from one hundred, by threes, for example 100, 97, 94 and so on.

Exercise 4

Pick an inspiring word or simple sound. Repeat it silently for five minutes. When this becomes easy, try doing it for ten minutes continually.

Exercise 5

Hold a piece of fruit in your hands. Examine it, keeping your entire attention focused on the fruit. Just focus on the fruit, ignoring other thoughts. Examine its shape, the smell of it, how it’s texture when you touch it and how it tastes.

Fruit Bowl, Shell, Fruit, Fruits

Exercise 6

Visualize a piece of fruit. First, examine a piece of fruit for 2 minutes. Then close your eyes and visualize how it feels, looks and smells. Try to visualize a clear image. If the image gets blurry, look at the fruit again for a few seconds then close your eyes and try to visualize it again.

It’s never been harder to stay focused than at this time in history. We are distracted by technology and everything happening around us. You can regain focus though by doing different exercises that can help you build your concentration.