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These are some customer quotes from those that have purchased our products on our website or on Amazon. You can verify the comments by Clicking Here 


For our Garcinia Cambogia product:

"I bought this after reading about garçinia. I have lost 9 pounds in a little over a week without changing my eating habits (although I don't seem to want to eat in between meals now, my blood sugars are much better (I have diabetes) and I feel more energetic). I researched garçinia and found that many brands are not as pure as this one."

"I had been exercising everyday for a year and a half and I hit a plateau. I was really flustered by not losing anymore weight. I bought this and it works. It really helped me get passed that plateau and continue on my journey to a healthy weight."

"This product definately gets 5 stars for me. Ive been taking the Garcinia Cambogia for 5 months now and ive lost 70 LBS. It curbs my appetite, and gives me more energy. I would recommend this product to anyone thats been struggling to lose unwanted fat for a long period of time. It really works!"

"I considered purchasing this product after viewing it's reviews on another website. I use this once a day, before my evening meal. This works for me as this is my biggest meal of the day. So far I have been able to maintain my weight and attribute this to the Garcinia Cambogia Extract, with no noticeable side effects. The guilt is gone now even if I indulge in something sweet after my meals. I continue to exercise and watch what I eat during the day. I think that should I want to lose weight I would most likely increase my daily intake of the extract to include my other meals. For now this is exactly what is working for me. I would highly recommend this for those that need the extra boost."

"Ordered this product for the first time and I noticed difference in the first week. Not only on the scale but in inches.. And I am not an exercise type of gal. But the motivation kicked with the kickstart from this product. I would recommend and will order again."

"Bought this product for my mom and she loves it, good quality and it seems that works for her, she is getting slim, for the price is awesome!! I will recomend it!"

"I am very pleased with the quality of this product. I have used other products in an effort to reduce unhealthy fat, and had little success. I am not an active person due to illness and physical limitations, so it is very difficult to get the results I would like to. I heard about using Garcinia Cambogia Extract and did research prior to ordering. I was concerned because of reports of substandard products being sold that do not work. I actually have ordered this product from different sources (other brands), so I could compare the quality and how well the product worked for me. Some of the other products caused unwelcome side effects, so I could tell the quality was not the best. The Garcinia Cambogia Extract 3000 that I ordered on Amazon through Doctors Recommended a New World Herbal Wellness company is by far the best product I have used. Even though I have not changed my eating habits which are good to begin with, I still saw results in a short period of time. What I began to notice is that my abdominal area began to show enough fat loss that I am now able to see some muscle definition, a waistline, and I look like I have lost fat from other areas as well. I am absolutely thrilled with the results I am experiencing. I do not weigh myself, so I can not say I have lost weight. I have lost inches because I can tell by how my clothes fit. What really told me this product was working happened one day when a friend visited me. As soon as she saw me she immediately asked if I had lost a lot of weight. Being able to look the way I want has improved my life and how I feel about myself. I have had no adverse side effects. They do not use fillers and few additions in the product. The product has Potassium, Calcium, and Chromium which are safe and nutrients that make sense for what the product is used for. I had excellent customer service in receiving my order. I have also found they have excellent follow-up service to ensure clients are getting results. Having a doctor available for clients questions is also a huge benefit. This was not the most expensive Garcinia Cambogia Extract product I tested. It is very reasonably priced. I now know I do not need to try any more brands or spend more money to get a product that is effective. I will continue to use this product as I work towards my goal. I am so thankful that I found this product."


For our Green Coffee Bean Extract product:

"This is the first time I have taken this particular brand of green coffee extract, but after having almost finished this bottle, I am very pleased with the results. I take it twice a day, before lunch and dinner and it helps me keep my weight down without trying to "diet". Also, I take it for the apparent antioxidant health benefits which I also believe it helps with. I do plan to reorder this product."

"I bought these along with the Garcinia Cambogia Extract and I must tell you that they work very well together. I take them as suggested 30 minutes before meals and I have seen some remarkable results thus far. My belly fat is almost all gone, I feel like a million buck. There are so many good things I can say but the one that is most remarkable to me is that these products have no side effects, nonie whatsoever. They are all natural and very easy to take and digest. I have not had any problems associated with these products. They do more than they claim. In the first couple of days I saw noticeable results. I am not hungry anymore. I do not over eat any more. I sleep better, I wake up on time and feel much better rested. I feel great and look even better. Great product, great price and will be ordering more next month to make sure I always have them around."

"I've been takin this product for a few weeks now. I'll have to say I love it! I have lost 6llbs so far,but it has only been a short time. My appetite is changing for the better. I'll definitely continue it!"

"I got Garcinia Cambogia and then I got this green coffee bean to work with it and I can say that they work great together, this seller has great products, very fast shipping, very happy!"

"I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and have already seen a result. Less appetite and weight loss. It has helped me so far."

"I was skeptical at first but I keep seeing Dr. Oz's video on Facebook so I ordered it through my Amazon Account and I was surprised to have lost my cravings especially for sweets. I believe that it helps with my regularity for this has always been a problem to me. I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to lose weight or just to maintain their figure."

For our Co-Q-10 product:

"I suffer from migraines and read that taking CoQ10 might help decrease their frequency. I found most brands were pretty expensive until I found #1 Doctor Recommended Formula CoQ10. The capsules were easy to swallow with no after taste. It took over a month but the frequency of my migraines so far has been decreased by 50%. (I read it could take up to 3 months for results). I am pleased with the quality and would recommend this product to others who suffer from migraines."

"I was satisfied with the product / It had the proper amount of ingredients at a reasonable price. I also received it in a reasonable time. I also like the quantity that allows a longer time between the next order."

"This has really helped me recover when I exercise. I dont feel as tired. I have poor blood circulation and have found this to be a great aid in helping me. I recommend this to those that suffer from poor circulation and are exhausted after exercising. Thanks Dr. Recommended!"

For our Raspberry Ketone product: 

"I love this product! I am living proof that this works if you stick with it. I have lost over 27 pounds and feeling great. The best part for me was I just watched what I was eating and it required no exercise. You have to drink your water and cut sugar for this to work. If you do that you will loose the weight. I would recommend this to anyone. I did actually, my mom is now taking it as well. :)"

"I have been using the rasberry ketones and the garcinia combogia together for about two weeks now and have lost 4 lbs. I am very happy with the results of this product. I feel very energized and it really has curbed my appetite completely. I would definitely encourage anyone who is having a hard time losing weight to give this product a try. The two mixed is even better. I also have changed my eating alot as well. I am sure that has helped. I am planning on continuing these two together until I reach my goal weight. :-)"

"I especially like the value. It was 4 oz rather than 2 oz that is usually offered for the price. The taste is great and it helps curb my appetite and works especially well if you take it with Green Coffee Extract. I have also taken Garcinia along with it at times as well and I think that is the best way to go but taking two together is very effective."

For our Natural Colon Cleanse product:

"I started taking this and garcinia and I am very pleased with the results... I have dropped from a size 14 pant size to a size 11..i will continue using it and recommend to all my friends and loved ones"

"The product does exactly as advrtised its recocomended before meals and its very effective just follow the simple instructions and you will see results."

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