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Joint Health Support

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Potent Glucosamine Blend

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Doctor Recommended Joint support has all the ingredients that are found to help with joint stiffness, especially when caused by a form of arthritis. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are found to be most effective and help to enhance the natural shock absorbing properties of collagen and block harmful enzymes that can break down cartilage to help maintain healthy, flexible joints.

Glucosamine alone is believed to help slow deterioration of cartilage, relieve arthritis joint pain and improve joint mobility. Chondroitin is found naturally in cartilage and bone but is known to reduce joint pain and inflammation and slow the progression of osteoarthritis

When Glucosamine and Chondroitin are combined, Research has shown that they are much more effective in relieving arthritis-related knee pain along with several other joints that may be affected by arthritis.

MSM is also know to work well when added to the formula since it has been shown to help ease pain as well, which is why Doctor Recommended Joint Support has all three ingredients along with other ingredients that are known to support joint health.

It is the wise course to choose a reputable manufacturer like Doctor Recommended Supplements.  Their Joint Support has helped many sufferers of arthritis and joint pain.

Many different conditions can lead to achy joints or joint stiffness. Some things may include osteoarthritis, R.A, bursitis, gout and injuries. In one study, about one-third of the adults that reported having joints that hurt, the most common complaint was the shoulder and the pain in the hip joint.  Many are turning away from pills that have side effects that can be worse than the cure and they are turning to alternative natural methods.


Why Do My Joints Hurt?

Many different conditions can lead to painful joints, and the length of time that the pain persists can differ greatly from a few weeks to several months.  Of course, the severity of the pain can be very different from one person to the next, and if your joint pain is severe you should see a doctor without delay.

Is It Possible That A Sore Thumb Can Also Be Caused By Arthritis?

Yes, arthritis can affect the thumb just as much as the other joints, but there can be other causes as well so it is wise to have a health care professional’s evaluation.  Many individuals who are having these joint issues can usually find relief from a regular routine of exercise and taking supplements like Doctor Recommended Joint Support.

CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS SHELLFISH (lobster, shrimp, and crab). It would be wise to consult your doctor before you begin taking any supplement, as some have been found to interact with other prescription drugs.


Doctor Recommended Supplements was established with the idea that REAL DOCTORS would formulate and create products that would not only be premium quality, but would be offered at an affordable price. With the help of our team of doctors and our Chief Medical Advisor, we are committed to being on the cutting edge of this growing industry. We recognize that you, as a consumer, want health supplements that are not just a good value but are pure and are the absolute highest quality available anywhere.

Doctor Recommended Supplements are manufactured in a laboratory that maintains strict quality control and constantly monitors and tests their products multiple times in the manufacturing process. The Laboratory is in full compliance with FDA standards and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). Those strict laboratory procedures ensure that you will get an absolutely pure product at the proper strength.

Doctor Recommended Supplements will constantly be introducing the latest health supplements as they become available and as they are approved by our team of medical advisors!

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